Slade 2012

Minkyung Kim

Minkyun Kim, 09:30:57, 2012 Minkyun Kim, Ordinary Exposing, 2012 Minkyun Kim, Everyday Pattern Minkyun Kim, The Thing Project, 2011 Minkyun Kim, Square, 2011

09: 30: 57, 2012, mixed media, 57 x 75 x 68 / sound - 14min 03secs.
This is a gathering of daily objects, which symbolises particular time in everyday. I packed the objects in cardboard boxes, just showing little part of objects as clues. And installed these gathered objects with the sound of them. And I made a drawing as a consideration of the daily life.

Ordinary Exposing, 2012, video, 1 hour each.
This is a 8 channel video about the essential movement in the everyday life.
I was endeavouring to explore ordinary house cleaning by subverting the moment. I focused on the differences inside the repetition. I collected the original actions, of a very beautiful woman who was cleaning the house and captured every essential action she did, while cleaning the house. I asked the subject to dress very simply and clean the house. I extended the speed and action in order to show the frames and I changed the colour into mono to focus on the basic actions. By recording the film using a good-looking model, I was trying to capture the moment from real life in very dramatic way. Documenting these usual movements in unusual method, I try to draw the differences between the repetitive.

Everyday Pattern, 2011, digital image.
In this work I made a pattern with daily movement. By changing the colour and location of the images from video (that I had captured from normal routine), I try to made fancy looking patterns. And tried to make nothing in to something.

The Thing Project, 2011, mixed media.
This was the Part 2 of the ‘Everyday Pattern ’. With the patterns I wanted to create different way of communication so I decided to present in everyday space.
I made a ‘fabric bag’ with pattern and named it ‘The Thing’ and place at the Tube Station ends with Street or Road. I put a letter inside and started the conversation to share there everyday.

Square, 2011, inkjet printed paper sticker book, 15 x 15.
This is a Sticker book of ‘Square’ at central London.
The piece ‘Square’ (2010) juxtaposed images in order to show difference. ‘Square’ was about emphasising the differences by using a polysemic version of ‘Square’. Many London squares are not actually square. I gathered ninety-eight squares, which I call ‘founds’, from Zone 1 in London, blurred the captured square images from Google map and randomly displayed them in a sticker book that I had designed. People were given the sticker book and asked to rebuild one big square using the little images of the squares taken from Google map. Squares are the symbolic natural area for relaxation in city, however, I focussed on the unique shapes of the different squares and emphasised the difference and ambiguity.