Slade 2012

Estelle Holland

Benjamin Andreas, Promethus, 2012 Estelle Holland, Drawing Machine (prototype), 2011 Estelle Holland, Memere on a Loop, 2012 Estelle Holland, Graham's Number - (plausible proposal series) , 2012 Estelle Holland, Known Unknowns, 2012

No time to stand and stare, 2011, animation stills, pencil on paper, 10f, looped
Drawing Machine (prototype), 2011, dimensions variable. Drawing Machine (prototype) a drawing machine (using the principles of a seismograph) which interprets the vibration of live ambient sound from an empty space via online streaming.
Memere on a Loop, 2012, hard ground etching, 7" x 4.5"
Graham's Number - (plausible proposal series), 2012, pen on paper, 8.3" x 5.8"
Known Unknowns, 2012, animation still, pencil on paper, 96f, looped