Slade 2012

Laura Cooper

Break, 2012, single channel video, 2mins 30secs
Two working individuals sit on a bench in front of a unassuming hedge in a non-descript urban space. A interaction between the individuals takes place involving the tying of a tie around their hair, binding them together. The act seems to be both satisfying and disconcerting for the individuals and we are left unsure of what has just been exchanged between them and what we have seen.

Obstacle, 2012, single channel video, 2mins
A woman appears in an anonymous futuristic urban space she is dressed in work wear. A video shows her waking in a line over that proves quite difficult as there is a obstacle underfoot she has to negotiate. The mystery object that she attempts to walk over remains out of view at ground level. Her attempts at the task are endless as the video is a continuous loop.
This piece is part of a larger Installation of drawing, sculptural elements and video called Upstanding London. Wear several performers carry out performative tasks in alone and in groups in public space.