Rudolf Reiber

Rudolf Reiber Rudolf Reiber Rudolf Reiber Rudolf Reiber

The Fourth Wall, 2011, HD-video, 3 minutes 2 seconds. The Fourth Wall should be projected on a whole wall in a black box. The work consists of every possible video transition in the commonly used editing programme Final Cut Pro. The fourth wall refers to the imaginary wall at the front of a stage, through which an audience witnesses the actions of a play. It is the imaginary boundary between any fictional work and its audience.
Art and Objecthood, 2009, book, 32 pages. 13 x 20 x 1cm. In his famous 1967 essay Art and Objecthood, the art critic Michael Fried describes how he perceives the radical abolition of the aesthetic expression. "The Minimal Art set's everything on the form as a given quality of objects or even as an object of its own kind. It neither wants to overcome nor annihilate its objecthood, but on the contrary, discover and project the objecthood (of the form)." Among the rest, this article has been printed in the book Minimal Art: a critical anthology, published by Gregory Battcock. The book originates from the library of the University College London. The book was borrowed and then the printed text by Michael Fried was deleted only the markings and remarks of former readers are left.
Caromboat, 2010, wood, glass-fibre reinforced plastic, balls, approx. 60 x 250 x 140cm
Sky Grey, 2008, lacquer on aluminium, 162 x 139 x 2.5cm. German Skies is a work in three parts, consisting of three monochrome dull painted plates of aluminium. The three colours are exactly the colour shades of the planes of the Royal Air Force, used in World War II to bomb German cities. Also the British Lancaster Bombers were painted in that way to camouflage the planes and make their bottoms look like part of the German sky.
Dark Matter, 2007, ink on an art print of 13h 36m,-35° by Thomas Ruff, 100 x 70cm. Dark Matter is based on an art print of a photo by Thomas Ruff, showing the starry sky. He got the negatives for this series from an observatory. Pushed up to huge sizes they are shown since the beginning of the 1990s. In my work I tried to erase every single star with ink spots. At the end I framed it exactly like the original Ruff works.