Julia Vogl

Colouring the Invisible , 18 October- 17th December 2010 (extended by popular demand), vinyl on glass, 150 windows in 5 storey attrium, sited at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies at UCL. This short term installation was a reflection of the fluent languages known by the SSEES community, staff and students and a response to their architectural space. The project entailed the engagement of over 400 people whose answer to the question WHAT LANGUAGE(S) ARE YOU FLUENT IN? dictated the design of the work. The work makes language visible and fosters a debate on language as identity, while transforming a space into a visual memorable event.
Disinfecting Your Dirty Deeds, October 2010, soap dispensers with coloured antibacterial hand wash
Floor Mural, February 2010, paint, 15 x 15ft