Haruka Ono

Haruko Ono Haruko Ono Haruko Ono Haruko Ono Haruko Ono

British frozen food in a tabletop freezer, 2010, frozen food, water, thread, arranged in a freezer, 49 x 47 x 45cm
Schwarz, Rot & Gelb, 2010, Photographs taken in Germany and contain German national flag colours, 10 x 15cm each
Lakedistrictproperty, South Lakes Edition, Issue 34, 29 April-12 May, 2010, 2010, photographs on a property magazine, paper, glue, masking tape, installed in Lake District, 600 x 5cm
Serving Suggestions, 2010, serving suggestion photographs on food packages, glue, 10 x 10 x 10cm each
33 Postcards of Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, 2009, Big Ben and Houses of Parliament postcards, arranged from morning to midnight, 10 x 15cm each