Erika Lieschen Briel

Erica Lieschen Briel Erica Lieschen Briel

Romanticism of a Nomadic Space, 2011, video clip, 30 seconds with audio. Image/samples: (from top left) Basic Design Sketch for Birch Plywood Trunk (160 x 115 x 56cm), sample of bespoke metallic silkscreen wallpaper [interior textile], sample of Sudden by Maharam [exterior textile], Thumbnail Image of Silkscreen ACB (102 x 153cm; 410 gsm).
Portrait of Artist with Silkscreen CAB, 2011, silkscreen on Somerset satin, 102 x 153cm; 410 gsm
Mixed Vertical Composition, 2009-2010, mixed media collage. Mixed vertical composition describing the evolution of the series titled, Steel Investigations [Never/Or Always And/Or; Methodology to a Process], 2009-2011.