My grandfather meets Florchen Gordon part 01 and part 02 is a video work that captures in two parts my grandfather meeting a Jewish friend in 1936 in Berlin. The first part is a video of myself drawing the event based on my memory of my grandfather telling the story. The second part captures my grandfather making a drawing of the event remembering what happened in 1936.

This work is part of Finding Histories. The second element of this work is a collection of twenty four paintings that name all women of the Red Army Faction, a radical leftist group with a strong female participation from Germany that engaged in armed resistance from 1969 until 1998. All paintings are of the same format, technique and colour.

The third part is the transcription of an interview I conducted with a political activist from the 1970s in Frankfurt, Germany. The image only shows the words being typed into the computer framing the document. The interview deals with the notion of freedom and equality used in the 1960s / 1970s and today.

Finding Histories depicts the perspective of the second generation post Nazi Germany. The work negotiates between personal experiences and historical and political officially recognised facts.

My grandfather meets Florchen Gordon part 01 and part 02, 2008
Video, Part one - 04:26 part two - 01:55

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