SLADE 2007 SUMMER SHOWS, Elise Buddle, BA Fine Art,,

Buddle - Tomato Reform

Tomato Reform, 2007
Tomatoes and tomato sauce

Buddle - The Evolution of Planet Paint

The Evolution Of Planet Paint, 2007
Silk emulsion and acrylic on canvas, 3.5 x 2.5m

Artist's Statement
I like paint and I like to watch it move. I use paint as a sculptural material. Its physical and functional nature draws my attention to the formal aspects of painting. My concerns with food substances when used in abundance, closely relates to the qualities of paint that explores ideas of transformation and the use of form and colour within the work. My inquiry into musical and non-sensical sound expands and enhances these two volumes of work.Yves Klein once questioned the relationship between musical notes and mark making through anthropometric performance. Such work inspires me to continue working in this way.