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Support student success by donating to the Slade One Fund.

Featured Media

Photograph of columns, Slade building exterior
Slade building, detail

Photo: Mick Farrell

Photo of Georgia Dymock painting in Slade studio
Slade studios, Georgia Dymock painting, 2021

Photo Mary Hinkley, ©UCL Media

Photograph of installation by Cherry Song, Slade Undergraduate degree show 2022
Undegraduate Degree Show 2022, Cherry Song, 2022

Photo: Thomas Jenkins

As we look to the future, we want to ensure the Slade remains an open and inclusive environment for future artists to experiment, develop and thrive. Our world is made up of many voices and perspectives and we all want to see our stories and passions reflected in the art we enjoy. We’re launching the Slade One Fund and calling on the collective generosity of like-minded donors to invest in our central vision, to make the school more inclusive to a range of students from under-represented backgrounds, ensuring fair and equal access to, and participation in, a fine art education.

We will take a holistic approach and develop programmes which address the challenges these students face, from barriers to applying to the school in the first instance, financial constraints to accepting a place and wellbeing and professional support to ensure they have everything they need to excel. Our students go on to achieve international recognition and success and make significant impact in the creative industries. By making the Slade a place where everyone is represented, future generations will believe that art is for everyone.

Priorities are identified by listening to our students, and responding to the latest evidence from our Widening Participation teams. The fund’s flexibility also means we can tackle the most pressing financial needs of our student community as soon as they arise. Current priorities include:

Supporting student success

Financial support for UCL students is vital in ensuring that talented individuals can make the most of studying in London, no matter their background. Donors will support bursaries for students, selected on merit and a widening participation need.

Supporting making

London is a dynamic, inspiring but expensive city. It is a magnet for artists but not financially accessible to everyone. Our students buy many of their own materials and tools and rely on the Slade’s equipment to support their making. Donors will support students in purchasing necessary materials and the Slade in providing the best equipment for our students to learn new art making skills and achieve their full potential.

Enhancing wellbeing

For some students, full engagement with the UCL experience is about belonging. Donors will support us to offer pastoral, academic and careers support, improving the Slade’s community welfare and ensuring that every student can thrive with us. 

Creating professional experiences

The cost of space hire and materials can prohibit students from engaging in professional experiences. Donors will enable students to gain this essential experience and support collaborations with creative institutions and galleries.

Join us

We invite you to join a valued network of donors who share our commitment to shaping a more equitable future, and diversifying the creative industries. Every donation you make, no matter the size, will positively impact those that need it most.


To find out more about the Slade One Fund, please get in touch with us: