Slade Centre for Electronic Media in Fine Art
Head of Centre Susan Collins

The Slade Centre for Electronic Media in Fine Art opened in 1995 and provides support for research into electronic media and fine art, contributing to debate on a national and international level. In 1997 the Centre organised Collision, a public lecture series by artists, writers and curators working with interactivity, telematics and digital works, and Spontaneous Reaction, an Arts Council funded week-long seminar investigating interactivity and human behaviour. These were followed by Cached, a series of artists' presentations of internet based works funded by the Arts Council and organised in collaboration with Channel and held monthly throughout 1998 at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London. The Centre's website hosts a growing number of net specific works by students, artists and writers, including, a student run webcast station launched in 2000 for streaming live and archived audio, video and performance works.