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Meeting Development and Sustainability Challenges in North Europe and the Middle East

13:00 - 14:00 03 December 2014

Location: Room 101, DPU, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9EZ

Roudaina Al Khani - Meeting Development and Sustainability Challenges in North Europe and the Middle East

Boosting inclusive, dynamic and innovative cities and regions should be targeted by central and local governments of both developed and developing countries. Challenges are greater in developing countries as administrations are unfamiliar with strategic development approaches and with inefficient settings and unclear decision flows. Facing development challenges requires, therefore, innovative problem solving at all levels. Through examples from North Europe and Syria Al Khani will talk about potentials and challenges facing the transfer of planning experiences. She will highlight the advantages of pilot projects, innovative and flexible tailored solutions and implementation tools instead of/along with long-term improvements of systems, and how experiences in different cultures can inspire each other.

Roudaina Al Khani is an architect, urban & regional planner and development consultant. She has extensive experiences focused on sustainability, integrated and strategic planning from North Europe and the Middle East from local governments, consultancy, NGOs and research. Among her works in Denmark is leading a statement
report to a new thinking Copenhagen City Development Strategy. She advised German International Cooperation on transferring sustainable development experiences to Syria. She was a high-level advisor on planning at all levels to Syrian Presidency in 2009-2011 where she took the initiative to frame a sustainable development programme for Syria. As Head of Strategy Committee at Syria Trust for Development she worked for policy change with regards to civil society. Based on her waterfronts-research she was appointed member of Scientific Committee of International Association Cities and Ports. Architect, Damascus University. DEA Urbanisme, Institut d’Urbanisme de Paris and Ph.D. Planning, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.