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Marketing and accrediting CPD courses

When you submit your short course or CPD idea for approval, you'll need to show that your course can attract learners, and how you plan to market it. One powerful strategy is to offer CPD points.

Marketing continuing professional development (CPD) courses

If your course offers CPD to learners, think about:

  • how to sell the commercial benefits of your course (to persuade a company that their employees should take your course)
  • who your competitors are
  • whether you should highlight UCL's experience and reputation in a particular sector or subject
  • whether UCL is well known among your target audience 

Offering CPD points

Your course is likely to be more attractive to learners if it offers CPD points.

CPD points mean that learners can count your course towards the CPD that their professional body or association expects them to do each year.

To offer CPD points, you'll need to get the relevant external body to accredit your course and fees. Contact the body to ask how them how to do this.

You can also apply to accredit your course with the CPD Accreditation Service.

Below are links to CPD accreditation information from the most common professional bodies (according to UCL schools).

Brain Sciences, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences and Population Health Sciences

Built Environment, Engineering and Mathematical and Physical Sciences

If UCL approve your course idea

After your course idea is approved, you'll then need to create your marketing materials.

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