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Make your advertising CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) compliant

Any short course or CPD you offer must comply with consumer protection law. Any advertising or information you give to the public must be clear, accurate, up to date, comprehensive and not misleading.

If you do not follow the rules

UCL may be in breach of consumer law, and risk enforcement action.

In some cases, learners may also have the right to take legal action or ask for compensation.

Before learners apply

You must give potential learners all the information they need to decide which course to apply for.

This means you need to give clear and accurate information about:

  • your course content and structure
  • the total costs of your course, including tuition fees and extra costs such as field trips or lab equipment
  • any rules and regulations that participants are bound by

It also means you should not leave out important information that could affect learners' decision about which course to apply for.

If you change the course after bookings have opened, you must let participants know. You must do this as soon as possible, and before they attend the course so they can cancel their place if they want to.

If you need help and advice

Contact the UCL Compliance Team (srs-compliance@ucl.ac.uk).

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