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Get your short course proposal approved

Before you can design your short course or continuing professional development (CPD), you'll need to submit a proposal that UCL can approve.

How to get your course approved

For most short courses or CPD you'll need to complete an online form called a 'course initiation questionnaire' (CIQ).

When to use the online CIQ

You must complete the online CIQ if you want to run a short course or CPD if your learners will either or both:

  • pay a fee to do the course
  • get a UCL Certificate of Participation at the end

If neither of these apply, you'll still need to get your proposal approved. Use one of the methods below.

When to use the UCLeXtend proposal form

You should download and complete the UCLeXtend proposal form if all of these are true:

  • your course is online or blended
  • you're offering the course through UCLeXtend
  • the course is free
  • learners will not get a UCL Certificate of Participation

The form is intended to kick-start your journey for UCLeXtend.

  1. Download the form
  2. Email your completed form to extend@ucl.ac.uk

The Course Approval Team will review your proposal and then send it to a selection of colleagues in Digital Education, Short Course Support and the Library.

You'll get some constructive feedback on your proposal.

Occasionally you might be asked to make revisions before continuing. You can get support and advice during this time.

When to use your departmental course proposal form

If you can't use the CIQ or UCLeXtend form (because none of the conditions above apply), you'll need to get your department to approve your proposal. Do this if all of these are true:

  • your course or event is face to face only
  • it's free to do or attend
  • it does not give learners a Certificate of Participation at the end

For advice on getting departmental approval, contact your departmental administrator.

What is the CIQ process?

The CIQ process:

  • allows your department and faculty to approve your course proposal
  • ensures that all short courses reflect the high quality of the UCL brand and provide the best learning experience for learners

How the CIQ process works:

  1. You complete the CIQ online
  2. Your head of department (HoD) reviews it
  3. If your HoD approves it, the system will send an email automatically to the relevant faculty tutor, asking them to review it
  4. You get an email telling you if your HoD and tutor have approved it
  5. If they don't approve it, you'll need to act on their comments and resubmit your CIQ

What information to provide

The CIQ asks you to produce a simple business case for your course proposal.

To answer the CIQ, you'll need to think about:

  • why you want to develop the course
  • whether there's a need for it
  • who your target market is 
  • how you'll structure and assess the learning
  • the costs of developing it

See completing the course initiation questionnaire for:

  • a list of all the questions in the CIQ
  • tips and advice on how to fill in the CIQ

How the CIQ helps you plan and design your course

As well being part of the approvals process, completing the CIQ gives you a structure that can save you time and effort planning and developing your course.

The CIQ can help you to:

  • be sure your course is of a quality to attract learners
  • work out accurate costs
  • offer library resources to your learners where appropriate
  • get support from UCL services such as Life Learning, the Library and the Arena Centre for Research-based Education

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