Short courses


Pronunciation Teaching for EFL

  • 20 hours
  • 4 days


This four-day course is for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers who want to include pronunciation instruction in their curricula. 

The course will be useful for those who want to become more confident in helping learners improve:

  • their own intelligibility and how they're understood by others
  • their ability to understand natural English speech

This course is run by UCL's Division of Psychology and Language Sciences (PaLS).

Who this course is for

The workshop is aimed at professionals who feel they either lack suitable grounding in English phonetics, or need a refresher.

The course is suitable for both non-native and native teachers of English as a Foreign language.

You only need basic technical knowledge of phonetics as all necessary concepts and terms will be covered as part of the course.

Learning outcomes

This short course will help you to:

  • present the English sound system and the phonemic symbols 
  • raise awareness of how phonetic differences between English and other languages may lead to communication breakdown and to recognise that not all differences are a source of difficulty
  • exemplify and analyse selected differences with a view to applying this knowledge to teaching practice
  • dispel common myths about pronunciation teaching
  • consider how to apply methods and techniques to a potential future teaching situation
  • consider ways in which a non-native English teacher can provide native-speaker models for students


You'll be taught through a combination of short presentations and practical classroom exercises, consisting of individual and group activities.

Course team

Dr Joanna Przedlacka

Dr Joanna Przedlacka

Joanna has lectured on phonetics at UCL, SOAS and de Montfort University. She's interested in current developments in English speech, accent variation and pronunciation in social context. She is a co-editor of English Pronunciation Models: A changing scene. She is involved in organising the biannual Phonetics Teaching and Learning Conference at UCL.

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