Short courses


Becoming a Project Leader

  • 5-7pm (UK time)
  • 4 days
  • 9 Sep 2024


This 4 day online short course will help you develop your project leadership skills.

You'll learn about the project leadership model, which outlines key competencies for leading projects and teams. The model is based on longitudinal research into project leadership. This research involved conversations with chief executives and senior managers.

During the course, you’ll assess your project leadership skills in relation to the introduced model, identifying areas where you can improve.

This course draws on real-life case studies and research by the Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction but is relevant to any sector.

Who this course is for 

The course is for people with little or no project management experience, who want to learn or enhance general and project-related leadership skills.

It suitable for anyone who works on projects (or will do). You may be a project manager, but you don't need to be one to benefit from the course.

While several of the examples used in this course are infrastructure projects, the course is relevant to all industries.

Teaching and structure 

The course consists of four live 2-hour online sessions over four consecutive evenings.

You're encouraged to do some recommended reading before the course.

Course content 

Session 1: Project leadership

In this session you'll gain an understanding of the distinguishing characteristics of project leadership. You'll also learn about different perspectives on leadership styles and how these can impact projects.

The project leadership model will be introduced, offering insights into key leadership competencies needed for leading projects.

Session 2: Project leadership competencies

In this section you’ll learn about the key leadership competencies and will be able to assess your own skills and ways to enhance them.

The case study will be discussed to show project leadership competencies and their importance in practice.

Session 3: Project leader narratives

This session will focus on project narratives and narrating process as expected enablers from leaders.

You’ll learn what project narratives are and why they’re important for project success. You'll develop skills in crafting and performing your project narratives to different stakeholders. 

Session 4: Project leader narratives

In this session you’ll learn about authentic leadership and why this leadership style is often needed for leading projects. 

You’ll hear real stories form leaders who will talk about themselves and their leadership. You’ll be able to apply ideas in your work.


You'll receive a certificate of participation from the Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction when you complete the course.

Learning outcomes  

This course will help you:

  • work with and lead your project team
  • think holistically about project leadership processes
  • enhance your project leadership skills
  • have a better vision for future project work

Course team

Dr Natalya Sergeeva

Dr Natalya Sergeeva

Natalya is an Associate Professor in The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction at UCL.

Natalya’s areas of expertise are project management, innovation management, and organisation studies. Her research contributes to these fields by deepening understanding of how managers create and communicate their narratives and stories (e.g. visioning project narrative, narratives about project value, project identity narrative, narratives of innovation, narratives of environmental sustainability) and their implications for meaning making, identity work, policy making and strategising. 

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