RPS: Research Publications Service System

RPS: Research Publications Service

System overview

UCL's Research Publications Service (RPS) is an online database for all UCL's research publications. It allows you to maintain an up to date list of all your research outputs. RPS enables automatic harvesting of publications from publicly available databases such as Web of Knowledge, Scopus, PubMed and arXiv, reducing any need to re-enter bibliographic data. RPS automatically provides data for display publicly both in IRIS and UCL Discovery.

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Basic Details

Organisational overview
  • Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application from Symplectic Elements
Registration requirements
- Any UCL userid and password can be used to log in.
System requirements
- HTML-based website, compatible with most modern browsers.

System features

  • » Make your publications visible in IRIS
    RPS is the publications repository that provides the data for display in both IRIS and UCL Discovery and will display all publications that are not marked as hidden.
  • » Maintain automatically harvested bibliographic data
    All academic staff have automatic harvesting enabled by default. Staff can accept or decline publications adjust their search settings.
  • » Manually maintain bibliographic data
    You can manually enter bibliographic data for your research publication. It is also possible to import lists of publications maintained in management packages such as Endnote or Reference Manager.
  • » Publication information for Professorial Annual Review
    RPS is the publications repository that provides the bibliographic data for inclusion in the PAR system. All accepted publications within the appraisal period will automatically be included.
  • » Bibliographic lists of publications for Senior Promotions
    RPS is the required source of bibliographic data in support of the senior promotions process. An export facility is provided to generate a bibliographic list in the required format.
  • » Make publications available in UCL Discovery
    User publication lists maintained in RPS are passed through to UCL Discovery. Also you can where appropriate submit the full paper for inclusion within UCL Discovery following Library review.

RPS: Research Publications Service FAQ

RPS User Guide

The user guide for the UCL implementation of Elements.

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