Online Timetable System

Online Timetable

System overview

Taking information from CMIS and Portico, the Online Timetable displays the real-time events and room bookings for all teaching that falls under the common timetable (primarily undergraduate). Can be viewed either for a whole department or degree programme, or as a personal timetable. It also includes some non-modular events relevant to students and/or staff. Now also includes a calendar subscription option.

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Basic Details

Organisational overview
  • Developed in-house by ISD
System requirements
- HTML-based website, compatible with most modern browsers.

System features

  • The generic timetable for any particular department. Can be as specific or general as necessary. The events/modules included in this timetable are specified by the department's timetable administrator
  • The timetable for a degree programme, by year. This is stored in CMIS but taken from the diet in Portico and synchronised each night. Any changes to this must be made in Portico
  • A student or staff member's personal timetable, based on their association to modules/subgroups or events (respectively) in CMIS. The user must be logged in to see this.
  • Users can select any set of modules from anywhere in UCL and see a timetable of that combination. Users without UCL user ID will not be able to save selections.
  • Members of staff are able to search the Online Timetable for any student or other staff member. This then displays the timetable exactly as the other user would see it.
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