Room Booking Process

The room booking process within UCL covers a wide range of room utilisation needs, from large UCL events to external courses to rooms within UCL being booked by external organisations. It is primarily distinct from timetabling but the room booking team do also carry out the allocation of centrally booked space for teaching.

Useful Systems

  • Facility CMIS
    Facility CMIS
  • Online Room Booking
    Online Room Booking
Facility CMIS
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Online Room Booking
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Facility CMIS

Used by Room Bookings as the repository for all central room allocation information, internal and external. It is also adopted as the University system for use with the common timetable. Is the administrative system that provides data for the Online Timetable and Room Use displays/sheets.

  • - registration required for use (to be signed off by Head of Department)

Function Overview

  • » Schedule Events
    Add events to the timetable, either with departmental rooms pre-filled or left blank to allow the Room Bookings team to add a centrally booked room.
  • » Manage Modules
    Edit the size of a module (which will determine the size of the room allocated to it) or set up sub-groups for modules where teaching is split into smaller classes.
  • » Student Group Assignment
    Though student fitting is primarily done via the automatic fitting process arranged by PSO, it is possible to do ad hoc student group changes or even whole class student fitting.

Online Room Booking

This system enables all staff and other registered users to book and view UCL's centrally-bookable space. It includes details of existing confirmed bookings, photographs, building locations and lists of equipment and features.

Function Overview

  • See all the centrally bookable rooms and space in UCL, including room diaries, photographs, location and equipment info.
  • Enter the criteria for your request and be shown all appropriate rooms and space. Once submitted an e-mail will be automatically generated and sent to Room Bookings for processing.

Process Context

Process Owner

  • The Room and Conference Bookings Office is responsible for all centrally bookable space within UCL.


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Book rooms

Individual ad hoc room bookings - meetings, user groups, presentations, workshops - can be requested via the Online Room Bookings system, with a date, time, size and even room being specified.
Related Systems

Getting a room for an academic teaching event

To get a room for a teaching event, simply create the event and ensure it has a size. If there is a module attached, this should have a size. Failing that, the event itself should have a capacity.
Related Systems
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