Sensyt: Sensory Systems, Technologies and Therapies



The SenSyT (Sensory Systems, Technologies & Therapies) PhD and MRes programmes are part of a multi-disciplinary research network dedicated to the study of auditory and visual systems and their disorders. We harness the broad range of research disciplines and experimental approaches available at UCL to advance basic and translational research into sensory function and tackle the scientific, and biomedical, challenges of human sensory health.

Our graduates will possess not only a strong record of original research but also an inter-disciplinary outlook and increased awareness of clinical need, the commercial sector, ethics and clinical trials.

Here is a selection of MRes or PhD projects from across SenSyT affiliated laboratories.

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The Sensory Systems, Technologies and Therapies MRes is designed to produce "scientists with an edge"; researchers capable of working at the interface between scientific disciplines and trained to understand the clinical and commercial as well as scientific issues surrounding development of technologies and therapies for disorders of sensory systems.

This course runs every academic year, if you're interested in applying for next year, the full programme information and details on how to apply for the MRes can be found here



Last year we recruited two funded full-time PhD students. We hope to recruit more next year (academic year).

this year we are recruiting for three funded posts in partnership with Santen Pharmaceutical Company. Details of our three funded projects can be found here.