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Year Two Modules





Scandinavian Studies

Spanish & Latin American Studies

SPAN2001 Spanish Language II

SPAN2102 What Women Want: Galdós and Pardo Bazán

SPAN2103 What Women Want: La Regenta

SPAN2109 Women's Writing in Latin America

SPAN2111 The Short Story in Spanish America

SPAN2119A Spanish Narrative, Essay & Drama

SPAN2120 The Essay in Spanish America

SPAN2121 Introduction to Latin American Cinema

SPAN2304 Developments in Spanish Film: Dictatorship

SPAN2305 Developments in Spanish Film: Democracy

SPAN2307 The Subaltern in Latin American Culture 

SPAN2308 The City in Latin American Culture

SPAN7302 The Theatre in Spain's Golden Age

For '+ Portuguese' and single honours students only

These courses are not available to joint honours students.

SPAN2010 Intermediate Portuguese

SPAN2201 The Golden Age of Portuguese Travel Literature

Single Honours Students Only

These courses are not available to joint honours students.

HEBR7819 Introduction to Judeo-Spanish and its Literature