Year One Modules





Scandinavian Studies

Spanish & Latin American Studies

SPAN1001 Spanish Language I

SPAN1210A Tradition and Modernity

SPAN1210B Tradition and Modernity

SPAN1211 The Culture of the Hispanic World, 1492-1700 - CANCELLED

SPAN1212 Experiments in Modern Spanish Drama

SPAN1213 Introduction to Spanish Film

SPAN1220A Introduction to Modern Latin American Literature & Culture

SPAN1220B Introduction to Modern Latin American Literature & Culture

SPAN1221 Introduction to Contemporary Spanish American Fiction

SPAN1222 Civilisation and Barbarism in Argentine Literature

SPAN1223 Cultural Responses to the Mexican Revolution

SPAN1224 The Latin American Supernatural

SPAN1225 The Spanish Ballad Tradition from the Middle Ages to Lorca

For '+ Portuguese' and single honours students only

These courses are compulsory for those on the 'with Portuguese' diets, and then available to single honours students (subject to availability).

SPAN1010 Beginners' Portuguese

SPAN1226 Introduction to Portuguese Literature

SPAN1227 The Brazilian Novel

Language & Culture