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The Year Abroad

Walchensee Lake, Germany

The information below applies to SELCS students in all departments (Dutch, French, German, Italian, Scandinavian Studies and Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies).


The Year Abroad is an integral, compulsory element of our programmes which enables students to:

  • Learn substantial new academic and, in some cases, professional skills
  • Develop spoken and written language skills to a near-native level of proficiency
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the culture they are studying.

Programme Requirements

  • Students studying one language spend the whole year abroad in a country where the language is spoken.
  • Students studying two languages split the year abroad between two countries where their chosen languages are spoken.
  • Language and Culture BA students spend the full year in a country where the main language they’re studying is spoken.
  • ESPS students should consult the ESPS programme tutors and administrators about their Year Abroad arrangements.

Year Abroad Options

Year Abroad Destinations