Undergraduate Programmes

Please select a language below to see individual degree combinations with this language. Each degree has it's own UCAS code and entry requirements. Each language can be taken from scratch (depending on programme) or with prior knowledge (see entry requirements for more details).

Our single honours, or single language, degrees comprise both language study, and study of a wide range of options in literature, linguistics, modern history and politics, medieval history and culture, film studies, and other aspects of European culture. Your first year will introduce you to different disciplines and areas of study, and from your second year onwards, you will be able to start specialising in your own interests.

Our combined degrees allow you to study a modern language together with another discipline at other UCL department (e.g., English, History, History of Art, Jewish Studies, Management Studies, Latin or Philosophy). Degrees that are 'and' another discipline are joint honours degees and degrees that are 'with' another discipline are major/minor degrees. They are all four-year degrees where you spend your Third Year abroad in a country where your target language is spoken.

Graduate Taught

Language and Culture

Various language options

Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature

Various language options and a choice of study with or without the Year Abroad


Language with Film Studies

Options with Dutch, French, German, Italian, Scandinavian Studies and Spanish



Options with Dutch



Options with French



Options with German



Options with Italian

Scandinavian Studies

Scandinavian Studies

Options with Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish and Old Norse

Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American

Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Options with Portuguese and Spanish

All UG Programmes

Year Abroad

Third Year Abroad!


Prospective Students

Information for prospective undergraduate students (all programmes)