Health Humanities MA

Health matters impact on all aspects of our lives and are too important to be left to doctors and the medical profession.

Health humanities explore the place of health and illness in society, and how methods from the humanities and social studies may be brought to bear on biomedicine, clinical practice, the politics of health care, and experiences and portrayals of health and illness in literature, film and contemporary culture.

Degree Structure


  • Full-time 1 year
  • Part-time 2 years
  • Flexible up to 5 years

Students undertake modules to the value of 180 credits. The programme consists of 2 core modules (30 credits each), and a combination of elective modules of 15 or 30 credits to be made up to a total of 60 credits.

PG Diploma and Certificate also available:

  • full-time nine months
  • part-time two years
  • flexible up to 5 years

Postgraduate certificate (60 credits for completion of the 2 core modules).

Postgraduate diploma (120 credits for completion of the 2 core modules and two electives of 30 credits each).

Core Modules

The core modules will introduce to students to historical, philosophical and literary approaches to illness and madness.

  • Click here for a list of core modules and their descriptions
Oprional Modules

A total of 60 credits from the from the following recommended list of options or other related courses at UCL, with the approval of the convenor. Available options modules may slightly from year to year, depending on staff availability. Please note that some modules fill up very quickly, so places cannot be guaranteed.

  • Click here for a list of recommended optional modules within CMII/SELCS

Alternatively, students may request modules from other UCL departments, such as:

Applications and Further Information
  • Click here for more information about this programme and to apply

For further details, contact the programme convenor, Prof. Sonu Shamdasani.