Dr Marta Niccolai

Dr Marta Niccolai

Senior Teaching Fellow


Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Joined UCL
30th Nov 2009

Research summary

My research interests lie in political and Intercultural theatre in Italy and in Europe.

While working on my PhD, which explored intercultural literature written by migrants in Italy, I produced a play, 'And the City Spoke'. The play focused on the relationship between refugees and the city of London and other major European cities. My interests in politics and interculturalism come together in my recent book (2015) on contemporary intercultural and transcultural Italian theatre. The study focuses on  the stage as a space where the centre and the margin can be reconfigured through the way in which  European, refugees and immigrant actors use body and language in the interplay of cultural similarities and differences.

My current, interdisciplinary research, examines the work ethics adopted by Teatro di Nascosto/Hidden Theatre, an International Theatre company based in Italy that creates events in territories of war and occupied territories primarily in the Middle East, and in European cities. 

Teaching summary

I co teach three courses for SELCS: 

'European Theatre in Translation' where I deliver all the seminars and in particular, I lecture on Greek drama, political theatre, Theatre festivals, Post dramatic theatre.

'Translation and Intercultural Communication' where I deliver lectures and seminars on Intercultural theatre, film and literature.

'How to read a film: Critical Analysis and Key Concepts' where I teach seminars on film's techniques from the silent films to European auteurs.

From September 2018 I will facilitate theatre laboratories for language students with a performance in their chosen European language at the end of term 2.

Since September 2018 I coordinate and direct three SELCS theatre projects with students from various SELCS departments and BAs. There will be three performances in February and March 2019. The project is sponsored by the Dean of Humanities and the Director of the European school. 


University College London
PhD, Philosophy | 2009
University College London
MA, Italian studies | 2003
University College London
BA, French and Italian | 1999