School of European Languages, Culture and Society (SELCS)


Paul Vincent

Honorary Senior Lecturer, MA, MTA FCIoL

Paul Vincent


  • From 1961–64 I studied Modern Languages at Cambridge (German, Dutch and French components).
  • From 1967–89 I taught Dutch Language and Literature, first at Bedford College, and from 1983 at UCL, serving as Acting Head of Department 1983–84 and 1988–89.
  • From 1989 onward I have worked as a freelance translator from Dutch and German, while also writing and teaching, for example, MA translation workshops at UCL; language at UNL; postgraduate translation at City University; summer courses in literary translation in Amsterdam and Antwerp, 1997–98. I worked in literary promotion for the Ministry of the Flemish Community, Belgium, 1997–99. In 2002, I contributed to an MA in Technical and Specialised Translation at the University of Westminster, while teaching and examining at all levels at the Defence School of Languages, Beaconsfield.
  • I am a member of the Society of Dutch Literature in Leiden, the Translators Association (Committee Member, 2010–2012), and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.
  • As a translator, I was awarded First Prize/Joint First Prize in the John Reid Poetry Translation Competition, 2007/2012, and the Vondel Translation Prize, 2012.

Selected recent book translations


  • Louis Couperus, The Hidden Force (Pushkin Press, London, 2012);
  • Jan Jacob Slauerhoff, The Forbidden Kingdom (Pushkin, 2012);
  • Louis Paul Boon, My Little War (Dalkey Archive, Champaign/London, 2010);
  • Marjolijn Februari,  The Book Club (Quercus, London, 2010);
  • Louis Paul Boon,  Summer in Termuren (Dalkey Archive, 2006);
  • Louis Couperus, Inevitable (Pushkin, 2005);
  • Harry Mulisch, Siegfried (Penguin, New York, 2003);
  • Willem Elsschot, Villa des Roses (London, Granta, 2003);
  • Willem Elsschot, Cheese (Granta, 2002);
  • Hans Maarten van den Brink, On the Water (London, Faber and Faber, 2001).


  • Bas Haring, For a Successful Life (Beautiful Books, London, 2008);
  • D.W. Fokkema ed., Accounting for the Past (Palgrave/Macmillan, New York, 2004) (Final part of series on Dutch cultural history 1650–2000).

Selected recent publications

  •  ‘Cheese Revisited', in H. van Belle and K. Rymenants (eds), Kaaskwesties. Beschouwingen over Elsschot in vertaling (Proceedings of a conference held at the Lessius Hogeschool, Antwerp on 16 December 2004), pp. 61–67;
  • ‘Afterword’ to Louis Couperus, Inevitable, tr. Paul Vincent. London, 2005, pp. 329–334;
  • ‘De Nederlandstalige literatuur in Engeland en Amerika tussen 1995 en 2005 in vogelvlucht’, Neerlandica extra muros, 44/3, October 2006, 1–6;
  • Introduction to Remco Campert, I Dreamed in the Cities at Night, tr. by Donald Gardner. Todmorden, 2007;
  • ‘Couperus’ eerste roman in het Engels: waarom slaan sommige vertalingen aan een andere niet?’ Vlaanderen, June 2007;
  • ‘Wat hoort bij het œuvre van Elsschot als basistekst te gelden? Naar aanleiding van het redactionele beleid van de verzorgers van de kritische editie.’ Vlaanderen, April 2007;
  • Forthcoming: ‘Boon vertalen: enkele kanttekeningen,’ Boelevaar Poef, Autumn 2012.