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Hans Demeyer

Dr Hans Demeyer

Dr Hans Demeyer


352 Foster Court
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  • Lecturer
    Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Joined UCL


Hans Demeyer works on post-war and contemporary literature and is particularly interested in ideology, affect, genre, political economy and Marxism. His PhD, Between Urge and Restraint (2016, Ghent University), is a study of corporality and affect in Dutch fiction of the 1960s. He has edited volumes on neo-avant-garde authors Willy Roggeman, De ruimte van Roggeman (2013; with Carl de Strycker and Sven Vitse) and Jacq Vogelaar, Woekeringen en weigeringen (2018; with Sven Vitse). He is an editor of the Belgian literary journal nY for which he has composed issues on poetics of crisis and exit, the work of Lauren Berlant, and the socioeconomic production of depression.


With Sven Vitse, he is currently preparing The Affective Dominant, a book on contemporary fiction: an analysis of dominant themes, motives and forms in relation to the ideological, social and media context of the 21st century, and more specifically to an affective crisis in today’s late capitalist society. A second project focuses on ‘being stuck’ as the dominant way capitalism feels today: it deals with its cultural expressions and mediations in literature, its manifestations in ordinary life and its causes in the present political economy. This project does not only wants to diagnose, but aims to outline – informed by the work of Berlant, Sedgwick, and queer theory – a therapy of lateral poetics: if one cannot move forwards, one needs to go sideways. 

Award year Qualification Institution
2016 PhD
Literary Studies
Universiteit Gent
2010 MAST
Literary Studies
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
2009 MAST
Comparative Literary studies
Universiteit Gent