Departmental Office: 131 Foster Court, Monday - Friday, 9:30AM - 5PM

Key Contacts

Key departmental contacts
School Director and Chair of CMII / Head of DepartmentProf. Jo Evans
School Manager / Departmental AdministratorRachel Anderson
Admissions TutorDr Jeff Bowersox
Undergraduate Tutor and Undergraduate Examinations TutorAnthony McNeill
Postgraduate TutorDr Jane Gilbert
Research DirectorDr Claire Lindsay
Year Abroad TutorDr Carlotta Ferrara degli Uberti
Affiliate TutorDr Ana Cláudia Suriani da Silva
Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinatorselcs.studyabroad@ucl.ac.uk
Widening Participation and Outreach TutorDr Elettra Carbone
Near Peers Coordinator (Outreach Officer)Terry King
Key administrative contacts
Student recruitment and marketing activity (degree programmes), scholarships, Open Daysselcs.admissions@ucl.ac.uk
Admissions (Affiliate/Erasmus/Exchange), international partnerships, Year Abroadselcs.studyabroad@ucl.ac.uk
Exams, assessment and EC (UG/PG)selcs.examinations@ucl.ac.uk
UG (BA) teaching planning, timetabling, student enquiries and communicationsselcs.undergraduate@ucl.ac.uk
PG (MA/MSc/MPhil/PhD) teaching planning, timetabling, student enquiries and communicationsselcs.postgraduate@ucl.ac.uk
Financial processing, purchasing, staff recruitment, facilities management, research and REF supportselcs.operations@ucl.ac.uk

Professional Services Staff

Professional Services Team
NameRoleSub-TeamE-mailTelephoneFoster Court RoomOffice Days
Rachel AndersonSchool ManagerOpsrachel.anderson@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 9128 or internal  09128140Mon - Fri
Susan WestbrookDeputy School ManagerTSSs.westbrook@ucl.ac.uk020 3108 1090 or internal 51090137Mon - Fri
Derek KempenTeaching & Student Support OfficerTSSd.kempen@ucl.ac.uk+44 (0)20 7679 4339 or internal 34339139Mon - Fri
Jo WilksTeaching & Student Support OfficerTSSj.wilks@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 3272 or internal 33272139Mon - Fri
Jo WolffTeaching & Student Support OfficerTSSj.r.wolff@ucl.ac.uk020 3108 1044 or internal 51044139Mon - Fri
Patrizia OliverTeaching & Student Support OfficerTSSpatrizia.oliver@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 7024 or internal 37024139Mon - Fri
Cathy CarmanAdministrative OfficerTSSc.carman@ucl.ac.uk020 3108 1132 or internal 51132135Mon / Wed / Fri
Deborah ElmAdministrative OfficerTSSd.elm@ucl.ac.uk020 3108 1132 or internal 51132135Tue / Thurs
Nicola AlexanderAdministrative OfficerTSSnicola.alexander@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 0382 or internal 30382131Mon - Fri
Stefano BellinAdministrative OfficerTSSs.bellin@ucl.ac.uk020 3108 1339 or internal 51339135Tue / Thurs
Susie IvinsAdministrative OfficerTSSsusie.ivins@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 3676 or internal 33676131Mon - Fri
Ruth AustinAdministrative OfficerTSSruth.austin@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 3083 or internal 33083131Mon - Fri
Michele PalaAdministrative AssistantTSS/Opsm.pala@ucl.ac.uk020 3108 1134 or internal 51134135Mon / Wed / Fri
Alex Lopez AlvarezOperations OfficerOpsa.lopez.alvarez@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 3046 or internal 33046146Wed / Thurs / Fri
Ania GasiorekOperations OfficerOpsa.gasiorek@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 3929 or internal 33929146Mon - Fri
Gen SarkisOperations OfficerOpsg.sarkis@ucl.ac.uk+44 (0)20 7679 3096 or internal 33096146Mon - Fri
Laura MasonOperations OfficerOpslaura.mason@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 3046 or internal 33046146Mon / Tue / Wed
Apostolos KostourosAdministrative OfficerOpsa.kostouros@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 7120 or internal 37120131Mon - Fri
Mel KarakasAdministrative OfficerOpsm.karakas@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 7702 or internal 37702131Mon - Fri

Academic Staff

African Studies

Programme Convenors

Comparative Literature

Programme Convenor (UG)

Programme Convenor (PG)

Academic Staff

Associated Staff

Emeritus Professors

Creative Critical Writing PhD

Programme Convenor

Documentary-track PhD

Programme Convenor

Dutch & Low Countries

Head of Dutch and Language Coordinator

Christine SasSenior Teaching Fellow in Dutch

Academic Staff

Ulrich TiedauSenior Lecturer in Modern Low Countries History and Society
Dr Hans DemeyerLecturer in Dutch and Comparative Literature

Teaching Fellows

Dr Tessa Hauswedell Research Associate and Teaching Fellow

Honorary Appointments

Dr Gerdi QuistSenior Lecturer in Dutch
Professor Reinier SalverdaHonorary Professor of Dutch Language and Literature
Paul VincentHonorary Senior Lecturer


Professor Jane FenoulhetProfessor of Dutch Studies
Professor Theo HermansEmeritus Professor of Dutch and Comparative Literature
Early Modern Studies



  • Ms Lucy Stagg (Centre for Editing Lives and Letters)
    Office hours: Monday, Tuesday and Friday, 9:30-17:00 (Room G18, South Wing, Wilkins Building)

Programme Convenor

Teaching staff

European Studies / European Culture & Thought

Programmes Convenor

Teaching Staff

Film Studies

Core Faculty

Teaching Staff


Head of French

Dr Kevin InstonSenior Lecturer

Language Coordinator

Marie Fournier 

Academic Staff

James AgarSenior Lecturer
Dr James ConnollyLecturer
Dr Jane GilbertSenior Lecturer
Dr Azzedine HaddourSenior Lecturer
Professor Mairéad HanrahanProfessor of French
Dr Roland-François LackSenior Lecturer
Professor Andrew LeakProfessor of French
Professor Philippe MarlièreProfessor of French and European Politics
Dr Jann MatlockSenior Lecturer
Dr Thibaut Maus De RolleySenior Lecturer
Dr Jennifer RushworthLecturer

Teaching Fellows

Ruth Austin 
Dr Benjamin Bâcle 
Anais Griffiths 
Dr Thibaut Raboin 
Dr Cécile Renaud 
Karine Roumetz 

Postgraduate Teaching Assistants

Grégoire Ming 
Thomas Liano 

Emeritus and Honorary Appointments

Dr Felicity BakerReader Emeritus in French
Professor Celia BrittonEmeritus Professor of French
Professor Annette LaversEmeritus Professor of French
Professor Timothy MathewsProfessor of French and Comparative Criticism
Dr Diana TysonHonorary Research Fellow
Professor Michael WortonEmeritus Professor in the Humanities
Gender Studies

Core Academic Staff

Teaching staff


Head of German

Dr Mererid Puw DaviesSenior Lecturer in German

Language Coordinator

Dr Dagmar Paulus 

Academic Staff

Dr Judith BenistonSenior Lecturer in German
Professor Stephanie BirdDirector of SELCS and Chair of CMII
Dr Jeff BowersoxLecturer in German History
Dr Sebastian CoxonReader in German
Professor Mary FulbrookProfessor of German History
Professor Mark HewitsonProfessor of German History and Politics
Dr Geraldine HoranSenior Lecturer in German Language
Professor Susanne KordProfessor of German
Dr Martin LiebscherPrincipal Research Associate
Dr Annie Ring Lecturer in German
Professor Sonu ShamdasaniProfessor of Jung History


Marie-Christine MerdanDAAD Lektorin
Evelyn KrautOEAD Lektorin
Sandra DeichselDAAD Lektorin

Teaching Fellows

Dr Barbara Lester 
Christina Parte 
Dr Dagmar Paulus 
Dr Reinier van Straten 
Dr Tom Wilks 

Postgraduate Teaching Assistants

Mary Frank 
Marlies Gabriele Prinzl 

Honorary and Emeritus staff

Dr Joyce Crick 
Professor Martin Swales 
Health Humanities / Philosophy, Politics & Ecomics of Health

Programme Convenor/s

Teaching staff

Emeritus Staff

  • Professor W. F. Bynum
  • Professor Christopher Lawrence
  • Professor Vivian Nutton
  • Dr Andrew Wear

Steering Committee


International Associates

  • Dr Maria Teresa Brancaccio, Maastricht University
  • Professor Ramón del Castillo, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Madrid, Spain
  • Fuhito Endo, Seikei, University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Dr Eric Engstrom, Humbolt University, Berlin, Germany
  • Professor Cristina Facchinetti Fundação Oswaldo Cruz  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Dr Chantal Marazia, Europa-Universität Viadrina, Germany
  • Professor Annette Mülberger, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
  • Professor Robert Segal, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Craig Stephenson, France
  • Professor Fernando Vidal, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Head of Italian

Dr Beatrice Sica                         Reader in Italian Studies

Language Coordinator

Dr Cristina MassaccesiSenior Teaching Fellow

Academic Staff

Professor John DickieProfessor in Italian Studies
Dr Carlotta Ferrara degli UbertiLecturer in Italian History
Dr Catherine KeenSenior Lecturer in Italian
Dr Florian MussgnugReader in Italian and Comparative Literature
Professor Enrico PalandriProfessor of Italian Literature and Writer in Residence
Professor Vieri Samek-LodoviciProfessor of Linguistics
Dr Lisa SampsonReader in Early Modern Italian Studies

Teaching Fellows

Andrew CampbellTeaching Fellow
Dr Eleanor ChiariSenior Teaching Fellow
Dr Maria-Novella MercuriTeaching Fellow
Dr Marta NiccolaiSenior Teaching Fellow
Dr Lucia RinaldiSenior Teaching Fellow

Postgraduate Teaching Assistants

Olga Campofreda 
Dr Stefano Rossoni 


Sofia SciardoLettore MAE

Emeritus Professors & Honorary Appointments

Dr Stephen Bennetts 
Dr Francesca Bugliani Knox 
Dr Lesley Caldwell 
Dr Barbara GarvinHonorary Senior Research Associate
Professor Dilwyn Knox 
Professor Laura Lepschy 
Professor Giulio Lepschy 
Professor Robert LumleyEmeritus Professor of Italian Cultural History
Dr Tiziana Provvidera 
Dr Prue Shaw Emeritus Reader
Professor John Took 
Language & Culture BA

Programme Convenor

Language, Culture & History MA

Programme Convenor/s

Scandinavian Studies

Head of Scandinavian Studies

Dr Erin Goeres

Associate Professor of Old Norse Language and Literature

Language Coordinator

Dr Anne Grydehøj

Senior Teaching Fellow

Academic Staff

Dr Haki AntonssonAssociate Professor of Medieval Scandinavian Studies

Dr Elettra Carbone

Lecturer in Norwegian Studies

Annika LindskogLecturer in Swedish
Dr Mart KuldkeppAssociate Professor of Scandinavian History and Politics
Dr Jakob Stougaard-NielsenAssociate Professor of Scandinavian Literature
Dr Claire ThomsonAssociate Professor of Scandinavian Film

Teaching Fellows

Kristin LorentsenNorwegian language
Jesper Hansen Senior Teaching Fellow
Dr Helga Hlaðgerður LúthersdóttirSenior Teaching Fellow
Jelena CalicTeaching Fellow in Swedish
Katherine OlleyOld Norse
Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies

Head of Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies

Dr Deborah MartinSenior Lecturer in Latin American Cultural Studies

Language Coordinators

Ms Marga NavarreteSenior Teaching Fellow
Dr Mazal OakninSenior Teaching Fellow
Dr Joana Rita RamalhoSenior Teaching Fellow

Academic Staff

Dr Zoltán BiedermannSenior Lecturer in Luso-Brazilian Studies
Professor Jo EvansProfessor in Spanish Film, Literature and Culture
Professor Stephen HartProfessor of Latin American Film, Literature and Culture
Dr Claire LindsayReader in Latin American Literature and Culture
Dr Humberto Núñez-FaracoSenior Lecturer in Spanish-American Literature
Dr Adrian PearceAssociate Professor in Spanish and Latin American History
Dr Alexander SamsonReader in Early Modern Studies
Dr Ana Cláudia Suriani da SilvaSenior Lecturer in Brazilian Studies
Dr Gareth WoodSenior Lecturer in Post-1800 Spanish Peninsular Literature

Teaching Fellows

Mr Alejandro Bolanos García-Escribano 
Dr Maria Chiara D'Argenio 
Diego de Jesús Flores-Jaime 
Dr Macarena Jiménez Naranjo 
Mr Haydn Kirnon 
Ms Isabel Pérez Lamigueiro 
Dr Joana Rita Ramalho 

Emeritus Professors & Honorary Research Associates

Dr María del Pilar Blanco 
Maria Darnley 
Dr Francesca DenegriHonorary Research Associate
Professor Evelyn Fishburn 
Professor Angel María García GómezEmeritus Professor of the University of London and Honorary Professor of UCL
Dr Robert GoodwinHonorary Research Associate
Professor Alberto Moreiras 
Professor Peter StandishHonorary Senior Research Associate
Dr Breixo ViejoSenior Research Associate
Professor Jason Wilson 
Translation Studies (CenTraS)


Prof. Kathryn BatchelorProfessor in Translation Studies

Programme Convenors

Academic Staff

Dr Rocío Baños-PiñeroSenior Lecturer, MSc Programme Convenor
Dr Geraldine BrodieSenior Lecturer, MA Programme Convenor
Dr Christophe DeclercqSenior Lecturer
Prof. Jorge Díaz-CintasProfessor in Translation Studies
Dr Federico M. FedericiReader
Prof. Theo HermansEmeritus Professor
Dr Claire Yi-Yi ShihSenior Lecturer

Teaching Fellows

Ms Synnøve AasenEnglish > Norwegian Medical Translation
Ms Maria José AnjosEnglish > Portuguese Subtitling
Mara BenettiEnglish > Italian Medical, Scientific & Technical Translation
Ms Ingrid BerglundEnglish > Swedish Voiceover & Dubbing
Mr Alejandro Bolanos García-EscribanoEnglish > Spanish Subtitling
Ms Elsa CastroEnglish > Portuguese Medical, Scientific & Technical Translation
Ms Deborah ChanEnglish > Chinese Subtitling, Voiceover & Dubbing
Dr Louisa DesillaEnglish > Greek Subtitling
Ms Daniela FordTranslation Technology, English > German Medical, Scientific & Technical Translation
Dr Louise FryerAccessibility to the Media
Ms Marta GabrychEnglish > Polish Scientific & Technical Translation
Ms Kristin GerdesEnglish > German Subtitling, Voiceover & Dubbing
Ms Helle GulowsenEnglish > Norwegian Scientific & Technical Translation
Dr Mihye HarkerEnglish > Korean Subtitling, Medical, Scientific & Technical Translation
Mr Luay HasanEnglish > Arabic Medical Translation
Ms Yuki KawaguchiEnglish > Japanese Medical Translation
Ms Thaïs KitaharaEnglish > Brazilian Portuguese Subtitling
Mr Haydn KirnonSpanish > English Medical, Scientific & Technical Translation & Subtitling
Dr Juan LalagunaEnglish > Spanish Scientific & Technical Translation & History of Translation
Dr Eleni MarkouEnglish > Greek Medical, Scientific & Technical Translation
Dr Serenella MassiddaEnglish > Italian Voiceover & Dubbing
Ms Veronica MillerEnglish > Russian Subtitling, Voiceover & Dubbing
Ms Renata MliczakEnglish > Polish Subtitling, Voiceover & Dubbing
Dr Vicent MontaltEnglish > Spanish Medical Translation
Ms Danielle MordiniEnglish > Brazilian Portuguese Medical, Scientific & Technical Translation, Voiceover & Dubbing
Ms Marga NavarreteEnglish > Spanish Scientific & Technical Translation
Ms Emmanouela PatiniotakiTranslation Technology, Language & Automation, Scientific & Technical Translation
Mrs Ania PlankEnglish > Polish Medical Translation
Mrs Anna PonomarevaEnglish > Russian Medical, Scientific & Technical Translation
Dr Cécile RenaudEnglish > French Medical, Scientific & Technical Translation, Subtitling, Voiceover & Dubbing
Ms Monika RusinskaEnglish > Polish Scientific & Technical Translation
Ms Yoshiko ShimizuEnglish > Japanese Scientific & Technical Translation, Subtitiling, Voiceover & Dubbing
Ms Fiona SolimanSpanish>English Medical, Scientific & Technical Translation
Dr Victoria Solomonidis-HunterLanguage and Translation
Mr Sam StrongLocalisation
Dr Caiwen WangEnglish > Chinese Scientific & Technical Translation
Dr Geoff WilliamsGerman > English Medical, Scientific & Technical Translation
Dr Soledad ZárateAccessibility to the Media

Research Fellows

Dr Tzu-yu LinBritish Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Agnieszka Szarkowska

Marie Curie Research Fellow

Honorary Appointments

Prof. Frederic ChaumeHonorary Professor, Audiovisual Translation: Dubbing and Subtitling
Dr Serenella MassiddaHonorary Research Associate, Audiovisual Translation
Dr Kristijan NikolicHonorary Research Associate, Interlingual subtitling
Dr Sharon O'BrienHonorary Research Associate