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The Department of German at UCL is one of the world's leading departments for the study of German culture, history and language.

From the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 back to the teachings of Luther, the music of Bach and Beethoven, the writing of Goethe and Thomas Mann, and the theories of Marx and Nietzsche, Germany and the German-speaking tradition have occupied a central place in Europe and the world.

As one of our students you will also be a part of UCL's School of European Languages, Culture and Society (SELCS), and will have the opportunity to choose from  Undergraduate, Graduate Taught and Graduate Research Programmes that you can tailor to your interests of study.

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Your Year Abroad

All undergraduate SELCS students on a four-year degree, in any department, spend their Year 3 abroad.

Affiliates (incoming students)

Affiliate students (those coming from other institutions to spend a period of study at UCL) will study alongside UCL and international students, benefiting from UCL's world-class teaching system and renowned academics.

Auditing students

Students from other UK universities and members of the public are welcome to study individual undergraduate and postgraduate modules from any of the SELCS departments.