Jane Fenoulhet

Emeritus Professor of Dutch Studies

Jane Fenoulhet

Emerita Professor of Dutch Studies, Jane Fenoulhet works in Dutch and Comparative Literature, Translation Studies, and Language and Culture Pedagogy. Her current research, which brings nomadic theory to bear on aspects of Dutch literature and its translation into English, blends these areas of study. Jane Fenoulhet’s current project is a translation into English of the modernist novel Eva (1927) by Carry van Bruggen accompanied by an account of the complexities involved in translating Van Bruggen’s modernist style of writing. In addition to more traditional considerations of style and punctuation, she also looks at the translator’s personal investment in the newly created English text. Eva - a Novel by Carry van Bruggen will appear with UCL Press.

Professor Fenoulhet is currently serving as a member of the jury judging the prestigious Prijs der Nederlandse Letteren 2018.

Contact details

UCL Department of Dutch (School of European Languages, Culture and Society, SELCS)

Gower St, London WC1E 6BT, United Kingdom, e-mail: j.fenoulhet@ucl.ac.uk

Office: Foster Court, room 354

Books include:

Nomadic Literature

Dutch Translation in Practice (with Alison Martin), London & New York, 2015

Nomadic Literature. Cees Nooteboom and His Writing, Oxford, 2013

Mobility and Localisation in Language Learning (Ed. with Cristina Ros i Solé), Oxford, 2010

Making The Personal Political. Dutch Women Writers 1919-1970, Oxford, 2007