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Pei Sze Chow


Principal supervisor:Dr Claire Thomson

Subsidiary supervisor: Prof Matthew Gandy

Title of thesis: Representations of Urban Space and Architecture of the Øresund Region on Film and Television


This project analyses how Danish-Swedish film and television co-productions have constructed and imagined the transnational Øresund region since the birth of its current form in the 1990s – a cross-border region that includes Greater Copenhagen and Malmö, joined by the Øresund Bridge. Texts including Bron/Broen (2011-2013) and films by Fredrik Gertten are analysed in the context of the socio-political impetus for the Øresund and the architectural and cultural policies emerging from the region-building project. The texts reflect, negotiate, and, to an extent, shape the socio-economic and material identity of the region against the political backdrop of cross-border initiatives across the EU.


  • [Forthcoming in 2014] Chow, Pei-Sze and Essi Viitanen. ‘Under the Scaffolding: Cinematic Representations of High-rise Buildings in Tapiola and Malmö’, in New Research in Scandinavian Studies, ed. by Agnes Broome and others (London: Norvik Press).
  • Chow, Pei-Sze, ‘The Landmark on Film: Representations of Place and Identity’, in Opticon1826, 13 (2012), 14-22 <>
  • Chow, Pei-Sze, ‘“It Is Too Beautiful”: Accidents and Auteurship in Lars von Trier’s Antichrist’, in Framed Horizons: Student Writing on Nordic Cinema, ed. by C. Claire Thomson and Marita Fraser (London: Norvik Press, 2012), pp. 223-247.
  • Chow, Pei-Sze, ‘Review: Light, Grass, and Letter in April by Inger Christensen’, in Danish Review 1 (2012), 18-19.
  • Chow, Pei-Sze, ‘Review: Picture World by Niels Frank’, in Danish Review 1 (2012): 20-21.