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Alumni stories: Going the distance with Shauna Bent

24 August 2020

How Shauna Bent bolstered a major career change through UCL – without setting foot on campus.

Shauna Bent

As a child, Shauna Bent was captivated by nature. Growing up in Jamaica, her father taught her that our natural resources are precious – and should be protected. Shauna says: “Unlike many of my friends and family, who wanted to be doctors and nurses and save people, I was more interested in saving the planet.” She went on to study Zoology and Botany at The University of the West Indies. 

In the following years, Shauna’s life took a sharp turn, leading her to Toronto, Canada and a job in the police force. To enhance her potential in this new field, she turned to UCL and our distance learning programme.

Shauna is also part of the growing UCL alumni community in Toronto and has attended the brilliant in-person and digital events hosted this year. Shauna says: “The most valuable part of being in the UCL alumni network is exactly that, the network! I’ve already met a handful of people whose business cards I’ve kept in case the opportunity to collaborate arises. That’s the most valuable thing, the potential to work collaboratively on future projects.”

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