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Visitors and Audiences

Student publications on visitors and audiences

Brigham, Rosie & Grau-Bove, Josep & Rudnicka, Anna & Cassar, May & Strlic, Matija, Crowdsourcing as an Analytical Method: Metrology of Smartphone Measurements in Heritage ScienceAngewandte Chemie 130 (2018), 7545-7549

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Student projects on visitors and audiences

  • Panos Andrikopoulos, Characterization and implementation of new colorimetric illuminants of artwork museum lighting systems and their effects on the museum visitor
  • Rosie Brigham, Towards citizen heritage science: monitoring of sites using smartphones and computer vision
  • Kate Burton, Touching the invisible: how do we design tactile models for outreach?
  • Elia Quijano Quinones, Analysis of the impact of community-based heritage conservation: the case of contemporary Mayan communities in Yucatán, Mexico