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Research on the material properties, degradation, and conservation of museum objects in collections such as paintings, tapestries, paper, plastics, and even the smell of heritage items

Student publications on material heritage

On plastics

Ida R.Ahmad, Deborah Cane, Joyce Townsend, Cristian Triana, Luca Mazzei, Katherine Curran, Are we overestimating the permanence of cellulose triacetate cinematographic films? A mathematical model for the vinegar syndromePolymer Degradation and Stability (2019)

C. Coon, Carolien, B. Pretzel, T. Lomax, M. Strlič, Preserving Rapid Prototypes: A ReviewHeritage Science 4:40 (2016) 

Simoní Da Ros, Abil E. Aliev, Isabella del Gaudio, Rose King, Anna Pokorska, Mark Kearney, Katherine Curran, Characterising plasticised cellulose acetate-based historic artefacts by NMR spectroscopy: a new approach for quantifying the degree of substitution and diethyl phthalate contents, Polymer Degradation and Stability (2020)   

Kearney, Mark & Parkin, Ivan & Townsend, Joyce & Hidalgo, Manuel & Curran, Katherine, Characterisation of VOCs Surrounding Naum Gabo’s Construction in Space ‘Two Cones ’, (Tate) by in situ SPME GC-MS MonitoringStudies in Conservation 63 (2018) 369-371 

M.Kearney, J.H.Townsend, I. P.Parkin, M.Hidalgo, K.Curran, Factors affecting the practicality of solid-phase microextraction VOC analysis of artworks featuring polymeric materials in open environmentsMicrochemical Journal 155 (2020) 104711

King, R., Grau-Bové, J. & Curran, K. Plasticiser loss in heritage collections: its prevalence, cause, effect, and methods for analysisHeritage Science 8, 123 (2020) 

Konstantinidou, Konstantina & Strekopytov, Stanislav & Humphreys-Williams, Emma & Kearney, Mark, Identification of cellulose nitrate X-ray film for the purpose of conservation: Organic elemental analysisStudies in Conservation 62 (2017) 24-32 

Dzhordzhio Naldzhiev, Dejan Mumovic, Matija Strlic, Polyurethane insulation and household products – A systematic review of their impact on indoor environmental quality, Building and Environment 169 (2020) 

On paper

Natalie Brown, Floriana Coppola, Alberto Modelli, Floriana Amicucci, Dirk Lichtblau, Matija Strlič (2020) Non-destructive collection survey of the historical Classense Library. Part I: Paper characterisationHeritage Science (2020) 8:88

Natalie Brown, Dirk Lichtblau, Tom Fearn and Matija Strlič, Characterisation of 19th and 20th century Chinese paperHeritage Science 5:47 (2017) 

Cristina Duran-Casablancas, Josep Grau-Bové, Tom Fearn and Matija Strlič, Accumulation of wear and tear in archival and library collections. Part I: exploring the concepts of reliability and epidemiologyHeritage Science 7:10 (2019)

Cristina Duran-Casablancas, Josep Grau-Bové, Tom Fearn and Matija Strlič, Accumulation of wear and tear in archival and library collections. Part II: an epidemiological studyHeritage Science 2019 7:11  

Liu, Yun, Irena Kralj Cigić, and Matija Strlič., Kinetics of accelerated degradation of historic iron gall ink-containing paper, Polymer Degradation and Stability 142 (2017) 255-262

Luo, Y., Cigić, I.K., Wei, Q. et al. Characterisation and durability of contemporary unsized Xuan paper, Cellulose (2020)

Mahgoub, Hend, T. Bardon, D. Lichtblau, T. Fearn, M. Strlič, Material Properties of Islamic PaperHeritage Science 4:34 (2016)  

On heritage smells

Bembibre, Cecilia, M. Strlič, Smell of heritage: A framework for the identification, analysis and archival of historic odours, Heritage Science 5:2 (2017)

Bembibre Jacobo, C; Barratt, S; Vera, L; Strlič, M, Smelling the past: a case study for identification, analysis and archival of historic pot-pourri as a heritage smell, in Bridgland, J, (ed.) ICOM-CC 18th Triennial Conference Preprints (2017)

On canvas conservation

Alexandra Bridarolli, Marianne Odlyha, Genoveva Burca, John C. Duncan, Freddie A. Akeroyd, Andie Church, Laurent Bozec. Controlled Environment Neutron Radiography of Moisture Sorption/Desorption in Nanocellulose-Treated Cotton Painting Canvases, ACS Applied Polymer Materials (2021)

Bridarolli, Alexandra & Odlyha, Marianne & Nechyporchuk, Oleksandr & Holmberg, Krister & Ruiz-Recasens, Cristina & Bordes, Romain & Bozec, Laurent, Evaluation of the Adhesion and Performance of Natural Consolidants for Cotton Canvas ConservationACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2018)

Nechyporchuk, Oleksandr & Kolman, Krzysztof & Bridarolli, Alexandra & Odlyha, Marianne & Bozec, Laurent & Oriola-Folch, Marta & Francés, Gema & Persson, Michael & Holmberg, Krister & Bordes, Romain, On the potential of using nanocellulose for consolidation of painting canvasesCarbohydrate Polymers, 194 (2018) 161–169

Bridarolli, Alexandra & Nechyporchuk, Oleksandr & Odlyha, Marianne & Oriola-Folch, Marta & Bordes, Romain & Holmberg, Krister & Anders, Manfred & Chevalier, Aurelia & Bozec, Laurent, Nanocellulose-based Materials for the Reinforcement of Modern Canvas-supported Paintings, Studies in Conservation 63 (2018) 332-334

Bridarolli, Alexandra & Atak, Sefkan & Herm, Christoph, Analysis of Wilhelm Ostwald’s ‘‘Colour Organ’’ with Raman microspectroscopy (2017)

Other publications on material heritage

Hodgson, Sarah & Hunt, Sarah & Sørensen, Thomas & Thompson, Amber & Reynolds, Emily & Faulkner, Stephen & Goodwin, Andrew,  Anomalous Thermal Expansion and Luminescence Thermochromism in Silver(I) Dicyanamide: Anomalous Thermal Expansion and Luminescence Thermochromism in Silver(I) Dicyanamide, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (2016) 

Zidan, Eman & Mosca, Sara & Bellei, Sara & Frizzi, T. & Gironda, Michele & El-Rifai, Ibrahim & Mahgoub, Hend & Sadik, Sabah & Rashed, Mohamed & Osticioli, Iacopo & Siano, Salvatore & Valentini, Gianluca & Elnaggar, Abdelrazek & Nevin, Austin & Comelli, Daniela, In situ imaging, elemental and molecular spectroscopy for the analysis of the construction and painting of a Late Period coffin at the Egyptian Museum of CairoMeasurement 118 (2017)

Fabiana Portoni, Josep Grau-Bové and Matija Strlič, Application of a non-invasive, non-destructive technique to quantify naphthalene emission rates from museum objects, Heritage Science 7:58 (2019)

Simon, Hayley & Cibin, Giannantonio & Robbins, Phil & Day, Sarah & Tang, Chiu & Freestone, Ian & Schofield, Eleanor, A Synchrotron-Based Study of the Mary Rose Iron CannonballsAngewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (2018)

Simon, H.J., Cibin, G., Reinhard, C., Liu, Y., Schofield, E., Freestone, I.C., Influence of microstructure on the corrosion of archaeological iron observed using 3D synchrotron micro-tomographyCorrosion Science 159 (2019) 108132

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Student projects on material heritage

  • Ida Ahmad, Modelling the chemical and physical degradation of plastic objects in museum collections using a System Dynamics approach
  • Laura Arcidiacono, Novel neutron techniques for the non destructive and non invasive analysis of archaeological gold
  • Cecilia Bembibre, Smells of Heritage 
  • Alexandra Bridarolli, Nanoscale strategies for the consolidation of cellulose in cultural heritage (Nanorestart)
  • Carolien Coon, Photodegradation and nanotechnology-based conservation of rapid prototyping materials (Nanorestart)
  • Isabella del Gaudio, Plastics in Museum Collections - a study of their chemical and physical degradation using a System Dynamics approach
  • Mark Kearney, From Samples to Complex Objects: Detecting Material Degradation in Plastic Artworks (Nanorestart)
  • Rose King, The role of plasticiser loss in the degradation of plastic objects in heritage collections
  • Yujia Luo, Scientific understanding of 19-20C Tibetan manuscript culture in the context of Asian paper making 
  • Hend Mahgoub, Quantitative chemical hyperspectral NIR imaging of historic cellulosic materials (Nanorestart)
  • Anna Pokorska, Spectrally dependent light sensitivity of modern materials
  • Pedro Maximo Rocha, Strain modelling in historical tapestries 
  • Hayley Simon, Characterising marine archaeological iron degradation and the efficacy of treatments to date: worth a shot