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Landscape and Environmental

Research that explores the heritage landscape and the effects of environmental and climate change and weathering.

Student publications on landscape and environmental heritage

On moisture and weather

Orr, S.A., Viles, H.A, Leslie, A., Stelfox, D., Comparability of non-invasive moisture measurement techniques on masonry during artificial post-rainspell drying, Proceedings of the 13th International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone (2016) 431-438 

Orr, S.A., Young, M., Stelfox, D., Leslie, A., Curran, J. and Viles, H.A., An 'isolated diffusion' gravimetric calibration procedure for radar and microwave moisture measurement in porous building stoneJournal of Applied Geophysics 163 (2019) 1-12

Orr, S.A. and Viles, H.A., Characterisation of building exposure to wind-driven rain in the UK and evaluation of current standards, Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 180 (2018) 88-97

Orr, S.A., Young, M., Stelfox, D., Curran, J. and Viles, H., Wind-driven rain and future risk to built heritage in the United Kingdom: Novel metrics for characterising rain spellsScience of the Total Environment 640-641 (2018) 1098-1111

Richards, J. Bailey, R., Mayaud, J., Viles, H., Guo, Q. & Wang, X., Deterioration risk of dryland earthen heritage sites facing future climatic uncertainty, Scientific Reports 10 (2020) 16419. 

Richards, J., Viles, H. & Guo, Q., The importance of wind as a driver of earthen heritage deterioration in dryland environmentsGeomorphology 369 (2020) 107363. 

Richards, J., Zhao, G., Zhang, H. and Viles, H., A controlled field experiment to investigate the deterioration of earthen heritage by wind and rainHeritage Science 7:51 (2019)

On archaeology

Higham, R., & Carey, C., The Durrington Walls Sarsen Burial relocated and reconsideredWiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society 112 (2019) 74-84

Carey, C. & Higham, R., Multiple identities in the Beaker period: interpreting inhumations out of the Beaker spotlight in southern England, Archaeological Journal 177:1 (2019) 1-30

On water regulation

Tibby, J., Richards, J., Tyler, J., Barr, C., Fluin, J. and Goonan, P., Diatom-water quality thresholds in South Australia in streams indicate the need for more stringent water quality guidelinesMarine and Freshwater Research (2019)

Tibby, J., Barr, C., Marshall, J.C., Richards, J., Perna, C., Fluin, J. and Cadd, H.R., Assessing the relative impacts of land‐use change and river regulation on Burdekin River (Australia) floodplain wetlandsAquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems (2019)

Other publications on landscape and environmental heritage

Orr, S., Land-use regression modelling of highway ultrafine particle number concentrationsCanadian Young Scientist Journal 1 (2014) 1-10

Orr, S.A., Data fusion to synthesise quantitative evidence, value and socio-economic factors: a framework and example of Dempster-Shafer theoryProceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings (EEHB) (2018) 163-171

Richards, J., Orr, S.A. and Viles, H.A., Reconceptualising the relationships between heritage and environment within an Earth System Science frameworkJournal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development 10:2 (2019) 122-129

Richards, J., Wang, Y., Orr, S.A. and Viles, H., Finding Common Ground between United Kingdom Based and Chinese Approaches to Earthen Heritage ConservationSustainability 10:9 (2018)

Taye, Blen & Lahoz, Ruth & Caldeira, Ana & Schiavon, Nick, Efficacy of laser cleaning in the removal of biological patina on the volcanic scoria of the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, EthiopiaEnvironmental Earth Sciences 77 (2018)

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Student projects on landscape and environmental heritage

  • Tim Baxter, Biodiversity and bioprotection of historic maritime structures: a possible win win?
  • Dairé Browne, Breathing stones - Developing laser spectroscopic methods to study moisture and pollutant gas uptake and release by historic limestone in polluted urban environments
  • Lucie Fusade, Pointing Mortars for Controlling Driving-Rain Ingress in Damp Towers
  • Richard Higham, Evaluating evaluating trenching in archaeological projects
  • Katherine Jang, 'Moss on Rocks': Evaluating bioprotection and biodeterioration of bryophitic growth on stone masonry
  • Gavin Leong, What lies beneath? High resolution imaging of lichen-covered surfaces at Stonehenge
  • Scott Orr, ‘Wet walls’: Developing 4D moisture survey techniques for historic buildings
  • Jennifer Richards, Learning from nature:  evaluating site-based conservation approaches to mitigating climatic risks to earthen heritage sites in N W China
  • Yinghong Wang, Deterioration and conservation of sandstone grottoes in Northwest China
  • Sam Woor, Cultural landscapes of the past: reconstructing prehistoric environmental changes in south-each Arabia and the implications for understanding our ancestors