SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training


Sam Woor

DPhil Student, University of Oxford

Project Title 

Cultural landscapes of the past: reconstructing prehistoric environmental changes in south-each Arabia and the implications for understanding our ancestors

Background & Summary of Project

I am a physical geographer studying Late Pleistocene and Holocene hydrological changes in southeast Arabia. These palaeoenvironmental dynamics had profound implications for early Homo sapiens, with changing water resources contributing to demographic shifts over the last few hundred thousand years. My work shall be focusing on refining current knowledge of the timing and extent of these hydrological changes in an area of significant geo-heritage value for understanding the interplay between the environment and our prehistoric ancestors. 



  • Head of student-led, SEAHA Landscape Study Group


 Woor, Sam., Buckland, Catherine., Parton, Ash and Thomas, David S. G. (2022). "Assessing the robustness of geochronological records from the Arabian Peninsula: A new synthesis of the last 20 ka." Global and Planetary Change 209: 103748.