SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training


Hend Mahgoub

Alumna, University College London

Project Title 

Quantitative chemical hyperspectral NIR imaging of historic cellulosic materials (Nanorestart).

Background & Summary of Project

Hend Mahgoub has eight years of experience in the field of cultural heritage documentation and research. She has computer science background and she was awarded the MRes Heritage Science degree with merit from UCL (2014).

Hend’s PhD project aims to demonstrate the benefits and limitations of quantitative chemical imaging of heritage of cellulosic origin, and its analytical robustness. This will provide a better understanding of degradation processes and provide a measure of change in collections through imaging. Moreover, the imaging methodology will be used to evaluate the effect of new de-acidification treatments as part of the European project “NanoRestART”. 

The project has an extraordinary potential to visualize the spatial distribution of an object's chemical composition and condition, in addition to the study of the effect of conservation treatments. This will assist in the development of improved management and preservation plans of collections.



Mahgoub, Hend, T. Bardon, D. Lichtblau, T. Fearn, M. Strlič: ‘Material Properties of Islamic Paper’, Heritage Science. 4 (2016) #34.

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