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Smallbone, S.; Marshall, W.; Wortley, R. Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: Evidence, policy and practice, Crime Science Series, (April 2008 )


  1. Child sexual abuse: definitions, dimensions and scope of the problem Defining child sexual abuse Dimensions of child sexual abuse Scope of the problem Summary
  2. Explaining child sexual abuse: a new integrated theory Biological foundations Developmental influences Ecosystemic influences Situational influences Summary
  3. Identifying prevention targets Current approaches to prevention Implications of the integrated theory for preventing sexual abuse Offenders, victims, situations and communities Summary
  4. Developmental prevention Conceptual and empirical foundations Developmental prevention of CSA offending Summary
  5. Criminal justice interventions Detection, investigation and prevention The psychology of punishment Deterrence strategies Incapacitation strategies Summary
  6. Treating adult and adolescent offenders General principles Treatments for adult CSA offenders Treatments for adolescent CSA offenders Treatment outcomes Summary
  7. Victim-focused prevention Interventions with potential victims Interventions with known victims Summary
  8. Situational prevention Conceptual and empirical foundations Situational prevention of CSA Summary
  9. Community-focused approaches Community-focused approaches to crime prevention Community-focused approaches to preventing maltreatment Community-focused approaches to preventing sexual abuse Summary
  10. Towards a comprehensive prevention strategy Primary prevention Secondary prevention Tertiary prevention Where to from here? References Index

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