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Opportunities within the department and at relevant external organisations are displayed below when available.

Current opportunities

There are currently no opportunities within the Department of Security & Crime Science. We will update this page with new opportunities within the department and elsewhere as and when they become available.

Published: May 9, 2013 4:32:33 PM

We aim to offer our students the best opportunity of achieving employment or advancing their careers. All our courses are designed in partnership with industry and public sector partners who represent current and future employers (see below). We believe that providing careers guidance from the earliest stage of our courses will help us in fulfilling our mission of disseminating crime science as a practical, evidence-based means of tackling crime and increasing security.

Our careers guidance activities include:

1. Careers Guidance Officer within the dept – Dr Ruth Morgan.

2. Courses are designed in partnership with employers, and use lecturers from employing organisations:

· MSc in COCT advisors include Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), British Transport Police, MoD Counter Terrorism Centre.

· MSc in Crime and Forensic Science is partnered with the Met Crime Academy and is the only such course in the UK to offer ‘real-life’ forensic training that Met forensic practitioners receive

· UCL SECReT PhD programme has 60 partners from academia, industry and public sector – click here to see full list of SECReT partners

3. Industry Engagement Evening – each December, our Industry Engagement Evening brings together students from our Phd programme to partner with future employers

4. Careers Day – this is held annually for all of our postgraduate students. 4-5 guest speakers attend, from public and private sector groups in the field of security and crime science who employ postgraduates. In past years we have had delegates from the Metropolitan Police, NPIA, Matrix Consultancy, DSTL, and Deloitte. Each speaker talks about their employer, their current role and their career path to date.

5. Employers Handbook - 50 page handbook of potential employers that outlines the remit of the company, their graduate entry requirements and relevant points of contact is provided to students. Please download the handbook here.

6. Internships – all our Phd students undertake 3-9 month internships in their 3rd or 4th year, within external organisations, hopefully leading to the offer of a position.

7. Professional events – we offer students free/discounted tickets to industry events we or our partners organise where students can meet potential employers (eg. to our annual International Crime Science Conference, or the annual Home Office Policing and Security Exhibition)

8. Seminars30 annual seminars provide further opportunities for students to meet with individuals representing academic, industry and public sector organisations in which they may find employment

9. Alumni communications – we maintain contact with alumni through our mailing list, LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Alumni often inform us about job opportunities, and sometimes come in to speak at our Careers Day.

10. UCL Careers resources – we educate students on careers resources available centrally through UCL

Some Case Studies of former students can be found here and here.

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