Science Medicine and Society Network


New & Emerging Technology

One of the goals of the UCL Science, Medicine and Society Network is to think beyond current models of medicine and technology and explore how new and emerging trends in medical intervention and non-medical technology can and will create future potential for human well-being and societal change.

The Network will look analytically and critically at the ways in which new technology can be instrumental in forming social identity and constructing health. Exciting trends in regenerative medicine, wireless medical provision, diabetes monitoring and management, for example offer exciting possibilities for illness intervention, but also invite research on how people construct identities in a rapidly changing technological landscape. Emerging technological practices designed to meet increasingly massive societal demands for energy, resources, and sustenance and nutrition also offer powerful potential in meeting global resource requirements. Studying the integration of new technologies in different societies and how they are operated and understood by diverse cultures is an area in which the Network’s cross-disciplinary expertise in science, ethics, laws, engineering, economics and medicine, among others would bring a unique perspective to the range of issues involved.