Science Medicine and Society Network



The UCL Science, Medicine & Society Network brings together external experts and key players from the College’s ten Faculties, and from UCL Partners – one of the UK’s first Academic Health Sciences Centres – to facilitate interdisciplinary analysis and response to major issues impacting health and wellbeing. Contributors to the Network’s Culture and health projects have included:

Beverley Butler: UCL Archaeology
Angel Chater: UCL Practice and Policy, UCL
Giulio Cossu: UCL Cell and Developmental Biology
Muki Haklay: UCL Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
Sushrut Jadhav: UCL Mental Health Sciences Unit
Susan Kerrison: Joint Research Office (UCL, UCLH and RF Research Support Centre)
Jerome Lewis: UCL Anthropology
Stanley Okolo: North Middlesex University Hospital
Aaron Parkhurst: UCL Anthropology
Graham Scambler: UCL Infection and Population Health
Sonu Shamdasani: UCL Division of Psychology & Language Sciences
Uta Staiger: European Institute, UCL OVPR
Jack Stilgoe: UCL Science and Technology Studies
John Tasioulas: UCL Laws
Mark Thomas: UCL Genetics, Evolution and Environment
Linda Thomson: UCL Museums and Public Engagement
Amanda Williams: UCL Clinical, Educational & Health Psychology
James Wilson: UCL Philosophy
Brian Balmer: UCL Science and Technology Studies
Amanda Begley: UCL Partners
Joe Calabrese: UCL Anthropology
Helen Chatterjee: UCL Genetics, Evolution & Environment
Jane Dacre: UCL Medical School
Michael Freeman: UCL Laws
Sahra Gibbon: UCL Anthropology
Emilie Glazer: UCL Anthropology
Nora Groce: UCL Epidemiology & Public Health
Francois Guesnet: UCL Hebrew and Jewish Studies
Martin Holbraad: Dept of Anthropology
Robert Horne: UCL School of Pharmacy
Stephen Jacyna: UCL Centre for the History of Medicine
Matt James: BioCentre think tank
Maria Lee: UCL Laws
Jonathan Montgomery: UCL Laws
Martin Marshall: UCL Epidemiology & Public Health
James Mountford: UCL Partners
Susanna Keuchler: UCL Anthropology
Patty Kostkova: UCL Computer Science
Wendy Kristianensen: Le Monde diplomatique
David Pencheon: NHS Sustainable Development Unit
David Price: UCL OVPR
Stephen Quirke: UCL Archeology
Rodney Reynolds: UCL Institute for Global Health
Jim Roberts: UCL Medicine; UCLP
Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen: UCL Scandinavian Studies
Claire Thomson:  UCL Scandinavian Studies
Nick Tyler: UCL Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
Trinley Walker: International Longevity Centre-UK
Jessica Watson: International Longevity Centre-UK
Albert Weale: UCL Political Science
David Wengrow: UCL Archaeology
Chris Willott: UCL Institute for Global Health
Katherine Woolf: UCL Medical School