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“The systematic neglect of culture in health and health care is the single biggest barrier to the advancement of the highest standard of health worldwide”
“Planned and unplanned migrations, diverse social practices, and emerging disease vectors transform how health and wellbeing are understood and negotiated. Simultaneously, familiar illnesses—both communicable and non-communicable—continue to affect individual health and household, community, and state economies. Together, these forces shape medical knowledge and how it is understood, how it comes to be valued, and when and how it is adopted and applied.”

University College London-Lancet Commission on Culture and Health, researched and developed by the cross-disciplinary membership of theUCL Science, Medicine and Society Network examined ways in which health and health systems are critically entwined with domains of culture and reviewed the systematic neglect of culture in health.

The publication was launched on October 29th, 2014, welcomed by speakers from WHO Europe, the Wellcome Trust, NHS Sustainable Development Unit, Public Health England, and UCLPartners.

Read the full Commission Report here.

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