Science Medicine and Society Network



University College London is a world-leading university situated in the heart of the world’s most socially diverse city, with both profile and potential to address and offer solutions of high value to society’s new and emerging challenges. As part of UCL’s Research Strategy, itsGrand Challenges programme draws on expertise across the arts and humanities, biomedical sciences, the built environment, laws, life sciences, mathematical and physical sciences, and social and historical sciences.

Grand Challenges

UCL’s Grand Challenges programme acknowledges our commitment to recognising that many new societal challenges cannot be fully met thorough the lens of one, two, or even several disciplines. Moreover, as both a leading teaching and research institution, we believe that teaching should be guided by research, because research itself is the key form of learning through which new challenges are met and solved.

Emerging from the Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing, the UCL Science, Medicine, & Society Network was launched in April 2013 to bring together key players from the College’s ten Faculties, and from UCL Partners – one of the UK’s first Academic Health Sciences Centres – to facilitate interdisciplinary analyses and action-oriented responses to new challenges to health and wellbeing. Because direct responses to these challenges require dynamic engagement with society at large, the UCL Science, Medicine, and Society (SMS) Network also seeks to engage internal andexternal partners with expertise and capability in policy, media relations, social capital, and public engagement.

Our Mission

As a Network (rather than a ‘Centre’ of ‘Institute’) our mission is ‘problem driven’, linking UCL skills and expertise to decision-makers, groups of professionals, and global and local activists. The Science, Medicine, and Society Network is designed both to launch a new SMS initiative each year, and to assist in building and sustaining communities of interest around each new initiative it takes on.

Our Themes

In its first three years, the SMS Network has chosen the following themes: 1) Health and Wellbeing in Multicultural Societies; 2) Regulation in Science, Medicine, and Society; and 3) New and Emerging Technologies for Science, Medicine, and Society. In each of these areas we seek to apply our cross-disciplinary skills to problems not ‘owned’ by any single discipline or field of expertise. Guided by its Executive Group and Advisory Board the SMS Network will in future years select additional problems for special attention, identify key players central to addressing those problems, and engage in activities that enrich our awareness and understanding of how best to address those problems so as to meet society’s wellbeing needs.

You can read more about the Science Medicine and Society Network at www.uclsmsn.net >