UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences


About Excellence Fellows

UCL Excellence Fellows are outstanding researchers, with exceptional research track records for their career stage

  • Fellows carry out innovative and visionary research across the full range of disciplines in life and medical sciences, including clinical, applied and population health research
  • UCL Excellence Fellowships provide a means for fellows to establish themselves at UCL and consolidate their position, for example by obtaining some preliminary data, to submit competitive applications for externally-funded fellowship or other personal awards
  • Fellows are supported to submit applications to major funding bodies at a relatively early stage during the three year Excellence Fellowship, so that they win substantial financial support that will enable them to establish an independent research career
  • The majority of the Excellence Fellows currently at UCL have obtained fellowships or personal awards during the tenure of their Excellence Fellowship. These have been awarded by the Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council, and European Research Council

    The Fellowship Package

      • Fellowships are awarded for three years
      • Support is provided for the fellow's salary costs as well as ¬£50,000 research support costs
      • Fellows are sponsored by a senior academic member of staff who acts as supervisor and ensures that fellows receive dedicated research / laboratory space, support and facilities to allow them to establish and pursue their own research agenda
      • Following UCL regulations on PhD supervision, fellows are eligible to act, in the first instance, as second supervisor to PhD students
      • Fellows have access to a flexible budget to fund activities of their choosing that allow them to come together and interact as a cohort