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The Collaboration for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI), is hosted by UCL and is committed to understanding and developing better and more sustainable means of effecting medical innovation.

Welcome to CASMI's new website 

It represents a critical point in our evolution and the observant will have noticed that the ‘C’ in CASMI now stands for Collaboration, as opposed to Centre. Improving the productivity, speed and sustainability of the medical innovation system is a multidisciplinary, interinstitutional and multi sectoral endeavour demanding effective collaboration, best served by a single coordinating governance arrangement. Accordingly, with the agreement of Oxford, UCL has taken on that mantle but in doing so will ensure that the close collaborative links between the founding partners persist, and new alliances are forged. It is appropriate at his point in CASMI’s history to acknowledge the huge contribution of the inaugural Director, Professor Richard Barker, and his Oxford based team.

We will be seeking to expand the CASMI Fellowship and in this regard I’m delighted that the alumni from UCL’s Medical Innovation Summits will be swelling our ranks. Fellowship benefits and expectations are described further on the site and I encourage all interested parties to apply.

At UCL we will also be working closely with the College’s Personalised Medicine Institute, the various Therapeutic Innovation Networks, and the Translational Research and Enterprise Accelerator to explore the practical challenges confronting medical innovation and how to overcome them, as well as revealing the research agenda that remains to be addressed. In all of this the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) biomedical research centre at UCLH is supportive of our aims and as befits such an organisation will do so in a collaborative manner, linking as appropriate with other BRCs to amplify CASMI’s impact.

Professor Sir John Tooke - CASMI CHAIR


CASMI is a UCL-hosted international networking group that is committed to understanding and developing better and more sustainable means of effecting medical innovation.



The CASMI Fellowship offers an attractive opportunity for broader engagement with international academic and industrial colleagues to develop research projects that address unmet clinical need.


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