UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences



Building coordinated expert communities to drive translational innovation

The UCL Therapeutic Innovation Networks (TINs) are multidisciplinary networks that bring together the considerable research strengths in the major therapeutic modalities that are distributed across UCL and partner BRCs, in order to maximise the translation of UCL’s biomedical science for the benefit of patients. 

By bringing together our life-scientists, engineers, clinicians, translational and commercial experts we are able to exploit our existing synergies, tackle common obstacles and mobilise rapidly around strategic opportunities. Coordinated communities backed by technological strengths in each modality are ideally placed to project our expertise and capabilities to our external partners. If you would like to be involved in one or more of the TIN communities, either in shaping and supporting TIN activities (Core Group Member) or as a member of the wider network (Community Member), please contact us

Partnerships are pivotal to UCL’s success and we are continually seeking to create new, multidisciplinary alliances with patient-centric organisations from a variety of sectors. If you are interested in partnering with UCL around the translation of a specific therapeutic modality, please contact us.