UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences


Driving Strategy

The Research Coordination Office has an important role in helping the School of Life and Sciences (SLMS) research community to achieve its goals.

  • By helping to develop or drive individual career strategies, we are helping staff to progress, and to be a more effective part of the School.
  • By coordinating key major funding applications, we are guaranteeing a joined-up response and ensuring that the School remains competitive, authoritative and at the cutting edge.
  • By building communities, promoting cross-disciplinary working, and by fostering collaboration, we are working to realise the progressive principles of the University’s approach to research - as defined in the 2018 UCL Research Strategy, and also to keep in line with the cross-disciplinary focus of the UCL Grand Challenges.

Working within the Office for the Vice Provost (Health), the Research Coordination Office is connected closely with the teams that make up the strategic core of SLMS, such as the Translational Research Office, the Academic Careers Office, SLMS Communications staff, and also has input into the work of the Research Board.

As a result of these connections, our reach is very wide. Our staff have variously consulted on, or coordinated many major recent initiatives, grants and partnerships, including:

The role that we play in these large strategic projects varies on a case-by-case basis. You can read about our past projects here to gain further insight into how we work.

If you have ideas for a project that could benefit from our input, please be in touch.

Core projects and services

We draw on our accumulated expertise to provide the below key services, information and infrastructure to research staff on an ongoing basis.

UCL Research Domains
Our staff coordinate and support strategic research initiatives that relate to the SLMS-led UCL Research Domains: Cancer, Personalised Medicine, Neuroscience and Population Health. Working closely with the academic leads for each Domain, we develop and implement the strategy for the Domains; facilitating interactions across faculties and developing research collaborations and partnerships through events, networks and forums; showcasing expertise; and supporting strategic funding applications and capacity building activities.

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Research Facilitation
We provide support to researchers, with the aim of increasing the volume of externally funded life and medical sciences research at UCL. 
We do this by identifying and communicating funding opportunities, providing bespoke support to researchers of all levels to help ensure the development of competitive, high-quality research proposals, and organise outreach activities such as grants skills and funder workshops.

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Events and Community Building
Our team manage the end-to-end delivery of a range of events. Many of these aim to realise, and further develop, the goals of the UCL Research Domains., and include symposia, conferences and workshops and early career networks. Additionally, we run Grants Skills events and other events providing training and support, and Research Funder events that enable networking between researchers and key funders.

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