UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences


Building Communities

By helping to build communities, and by fostering collaboration and cross-disciplinary working, the Research Coordination Office (RCO) is working to satisfy UCL-wide strategic goals (see ‘Driving Strategy’) and to uphold UCL values. We work to strengthen and enhance the effectiveness of the research community through the following approaches. 

UCL Research Domains

The UCL Research Domains are large, cross-disciplinary research communities that span UCL and our partner organisations, fostering interaction and collaboration. By bringing together a critical mass of expertise, the Domains help to ensure that UCL can undertake internationally leading research in our key areas of strength. 

Our staff coordinate and support the SLMS-led UCL Research Domains: Cancer, Personalised Medicine, Neuroscience and Population Health. Working closely with the academic leads for each Domain, we develop and implement the strategy for the Domains; facilitating interactions across faculties and developing research collaborations and partnerships through events, networks and forums; showcasing expertise; and supporting strategic funding applications and capacity building activities.

Coordinating Bids

Our team can act as coordinators when a large, ambitious bid is being considered. We will bring together and manage disparate teams and act as project managers, bringing our expertise and experience of the process to increase the chance of a successful bid. If you are considering such a project, please be in touch with us.

A successful strategic funding application is not just about writing a strong proposal, but also building a strong team, coordinating extensive costings, contracts, securing senior management approval and institutional commitments, navigating UCL’s internal systems and processes, as well as interview preparation.

Sarah Welsher, RCO Strategic Coordinator

You can read more about past bids and projects here.

Events and Meetings

The Research Coordination Office hosts and supports a variety of symposia, conferences, seminars and workshops, the diversity of which reflects the wide areas of research that we support.

We also promote external events that may be of interest to SLMS researchers, and to others - the majority of events supported by the RCO are free to attend and open to everyone, unless otherwise stated.

All RCO organised events are publicised on the UCL Research Domains website. You can also receive event news and updates via the SLMS Twitter feed and the domain e-newsletters.

Early Career Researcher Events

These regular seminars and workshops cover a variety of topics relevant to early career researchers (ECRs), with the aim of providing opportunities for ECRs to meet their peers, share ideas and experiences, and initiate collaborations. Topics include grant writing, career development and public engagement.

Grants Skills Events

Grant funding workshops and meetings help to train academics in the art of writing persuasive and successful grant applications. Attendees will pick up invaluable tips and insider knowledge about the grant application process, receive constructive feedback on their own applications, and get the opportunity to network and meet potential collaborators.

Research Funder Events

The RCO arrange networking events for research funders and academics in order to enable networking and provide an opportunity for funders to learn about new research activities, and researchers to gain a deeper understanding of what potential funders are looking for.

Symposia, Workshops and Conferences

These events are designed to raise the profile of UCL’s life and medical sciences research activities, showcase expertise, and provide a platform on which to build cross-disciplinary research communities, partnerships and collaborations in academia and industry.